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Canada InfoNet provides newcomers and potential newcomers with invaluable links that are relevant to their needs.  This section contains links to pertinent information on issues of settlement, employment and education across Canada.  It is divided into sub-sections, one for each Province. It also contains links to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and training and orientation guides to make your mentoring experience a better one.

Canada InfoNet Resources feature links to government and not-for-profit organizations that offer additional services to newcomers and potential newcomers.  We also link to Universities, trades schools and licensing agents to help newcomers understand the required credentials for their occupation.  In addition, this section directs visitors to job sites, local cultural community sites, labour market information, and much more.

Begin exploring by going to Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website to learn more about Canada - the land, the people, and the immigration process.

Are you still undecided on where to live in Canada? Go to this Map of Canada and learn more about Canada's provinces and territories.

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