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Re-locating and re-launching your career in a new country can present challenges. Although newcomers are welcomed in Canada, some may feel isolated, uninformed and frustrated after they arrive. Even prior to arriving, while there is a sense of anticipation and excitement, some people also experience a fear of the unknown and a sense of intimidation.  That's where Canada InfoNet can help.

Our interactive, Web-based forum is a community of newcomers and potential newcomers, skilled in professions, business and trades, who are looking for relevant work in Canada. Canada InfoNet is a powerful networking strategy connecting successful Canadians (mentors) with newcomers and potential newcomers (mentees) to help them achieve their occupational goals.

Canada InfoNet bridges the gap between successful Canadians and newcomers through a variety of Internet forums that are fun and easy to use. These on-line forums create matches between like-minded individuals, creating mentoring relationships that respect members’ privacy in a safe environment, while accommodating busy schedules.

Canada InfoNet also provides the opportunity for newcomers and mentors to participate in group forums to discuss issues and to share their experiences.

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