Who are Mentors

Knowledge is priceless. So is the satisfaction of helping others.

Become a Mentor and Make a Difference!

Who Are JVS Mentors?

At JVS, our mentors are professionals who have at least two years of recent experience working in their field in Canada. They understand the challenges of immigration, many from a first-hand basis. Taking time to give internationally trained professionals a clearer understanding of their industry in Canada can help build the confidence that is essential to setting and achieving personal goals.

What Do Mentors Do?

Mentors provide guidance and support. Mentors are not responsible for finding their mentee a job; rather, they share their knowledge of industry standards and practices, certifications, training and education, and the job search itself through a safe and easy online format. This rich network of personalized support is enhanced through discussion Q&A forums, articles and links that aim to help soon to be immigrants succeed in their career goals.

How Do Mentors Help?
There are countless ways that a Mentor’s time and effort can help, including:

  • Sharing insights into Canadian work and values.
  • Passing on information about current workplace and industry trends.
  • Providing feedback on resumes and interview techniques.
  • Assisting with self-marketing techniques and confidence building.
  • Identifying skills required by market demands, and helping to guide mentees through licensing processes.
  • Helping to improve professional terminology.
  • Advising on programs to help upgrade technical skills and professional standing.
  • Locating publications and workshops relating to developments in their field.
  • Providing access to professional networks.
  • Offering support and encouragement to help mentees become professionally established.

Mentors Develop:

• Stronger leadership and coaching skills.
• Enhanced cross-cultural communication skills.
• Increased knowledge of professions and way of doing business in other countries.
• Better understanding of settlement experiences and challenges that internationally trained professionals face immigrating to Canada.
• Greater sense of community and a broader professional network.
• Personal satisfaction from motivating and supporting someone to their fullest potential.

Time Commitment and Method of Communication:

The decision to become a mentor to an internationally trained professional would involve one hour per week commitment of communication and support for at least 10 weeks through our secured online platform.

New mentors will be provided an online orientation and mentoring coaches will support the development of the relationship throughout the mentoring partnership.

How to become a mentor?
Select Mentor Sign-up to apply to become a mentor, or for more information please contact Farah Alizadehahi, Mentoring Coach, JVS Toronto at falizadehahi@jvstoronto.org.