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Canada InfoNet is a Pan-Canadian online forum providing mentoring and access to resources and other services that help internationally trained, business and trades people who are in the process of immigration integrate into Canadian society and find jobs in their chosen profession and province.

The cornerstone of this forum is the Online Mentoring Program. Here, internationally trained and educated mentees can connect online with Canadians of similar backgrounds (mentors) who share the same career goals and path. All mentors have at least two years' of recent experience in their profession in Canada, and are a great resource for information on the education standards, expectations, and practices of their professions. Our mentors understand the challenges of immigrating to Canada and volunteer their time and expertise in order to help soon to be immigrants succeed in achieving their settlement, education and/or employment goals. 

In addition to the opportunity to build relationship with a mentor, participants can also access online key information about settlement, education and employment for all the province and territories in Canada.

Who We Are

Canada InfoNet is an online mentoring website created and operated by JVS Toronto and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Canada InfoNet also serves as the mentoring platform for clients in our pre-arrival program, CanPrep, for persons whose immigrant visas have been approved and are in the process of planning for their relocation to Canada.

Where We Have Come From

Originally founded by the Toronto Jewish community at the end of the Second World War, JVS Toronto has evolved into a broad-based community organization. Through the years JVS has become synonymous with helping people of diverse backgrounds to meet their education and employment goals. We have grown from a staff of three to a little under 200 talented and committed volunteers and professionals.

Who We Are Now

JVS Toronto plays a vital role in Toronto and York Region ensuring that jobseekers reach their potential at work, employers build the workforce they need to be successful, and students perform at their best.

We do this through a mix of general and specialized services to job seekers from all backgrounds and situations, employers from all sectors, and students and educators in primary, secondary and post-secondary education.

We have extensive experience providing career exploration, job search support, employment recruitment, mentoring, job coaching and retention, as well as psychological, educational and vocational assessments and treatment services delivered across nine locations.

Our dedicated team of multi-disciplinary professionals is experienced in providing services to children, youth and adults. In particular, we are knowledgeable in supporting individuals with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, at-risk youth, and mature workers.

If you would like to learn more about JVS Toronto, please visit our website at www.jvstoronto.org.

If you have any other questions about Canada InfoNet, please email us at info@canadainfonet.org.